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Fluid Edge Themes

Tristan Long

Co-founder & CEO

An energetic, young entrepreneur who is passionate about solving world problems with an innovative and creative mind. He deals with the interesting, yet demanding aspects of start-up companies.

He is a well-travelled independent thinker, ardent reader and a technological whizz.

His expedition to Vietnam through World Challenge as well as completion of the President’s Award (Gold level), also known as The Duke of Edinburgh Youth Leadership Award, has definitely spurred him on to develop leadership skills and interpersonal skills.

His inclinations range from Business, to economics, investment and property development.

I plan to look back on my life and say ‘wow, that was an adventure.’ not ‘ wow, I sure felt safe.’ – Tom Preston-Werner

My passion, drive and creativity for the company will ensure its success in impacting over one billion peoples lives globally.

Ryan Scholtz

Co-founder & CTO

Ryan has vast experience in the construction industry in which he has led and managed teams.

He is a driven catalyst and problem solver, with expertise in design. He is experienced in business, investments, property and product development.

His travels to India inspired him deeply to come up with solutions to third world problems.

The biggest risk is not taking any risk – Mark Zuckerberg

My thoughtful analytical approach will ensure that we can deliver quality products and services to our customers, and that all our projects are on time and within budget.