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Frequently Asked Questions


How much do beta houses cost?

The price varies per configuration/model, but you can expect to be charged 350-400 USD per sqm

How long is the process until I can move into my home?

The time may vary depending on your location, whether or not you are purchasing a custom or pre-designed home. But you can typically expect a 2-month turnaround time once the full payment has been made.

What technology do you use?

We use a combination of our own self-made technology and other readily available technology to create our houses.

How are your homes different from conventional buildings?

Our houses are made from interlocking hollow panels made of recycled plastic. The thermal insulation properties are much better and the construction process only takes a few hours.

Can I build my beta home anywhere in the world?

We do build and ship our houses worldwide but you can expect an increase in cost price due to shipping.

What are Beta homes exactly?

They are a modular, eco-friendly and sustainable homes that seek to combat climate change via being energy efficient, reducing waste material and providing you with an affordable stylish modern home.

Are Beta homes prefab?

Beta homes are not prefabricated.

Are beta homes Modular?

Beta homes are completely modular – Allow us to expand on already existing design solutions, ease of maintenance as well as limit your cost in regards to damaged parts.


How are beta homes energy efficient?

Beta homes are very energy efficient and you can expect about a 50%-60% better performance than a standard brick & mortar house.

How are beta homes considered green?

Recycling process, saving plastic from going into waste dumps/ocean/ saves environment by reducing amount of waste material, creating energy efficient homes.

Do you install solar panels?

Yes, we do, but at an added cost.

Is the plastic toxic?

All the material we use is non-toxic, flammable and treated for UV stabilisation.

Site Work

What type of foundation does beta homes have?

We use our own in-house design foundation as it allows our houses to retain their modularity.

How long is the site construction process?

You can expect a 12-32 hours construction time per model depending on its size and complexity.

Do you design landscapes

We do design landscapes but at an extra cost. However, we are more than willing to work with your preferred landscaper.


The dimensions of the models

The dimensions of our houses vary depending on the model as well as depending on your custom design.

Does the house come fully equipped?

Yes, plumbing, electric wiring, kitchen, bathroom, taps, toilet, shower and the likes.


Do you design and build custom homes?

Yes, we do design custom homes that suit your taste.

Do I need an architect to work with Beta Ingenuity?

It is not needed as we have our own architects that we work with, however if you would like to use your own we are more than willing to work your preferred architect.

How much can I customize my design?

As much as you like…to a certain degree of course.

Do you have any other questions?